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Healthy skin is the key to beauty - TXSCWZ

Healthy skin is the key to beauty?

As the saying goes - 'first the visionary then the judge'. So philosophy means healthy skin, which should start with diet. If our daily diet is not healthy, then we will never get healthy skin. The key to healthy skin is a healthy diet.

Healthy skin is the key to beauty

So for those of us who do not practice healthy eating habits, the first thing to do is to change their eating habits. Fried food and extra oily spicy food should be excluded from the daily diet. Instead of this, fresh fruits, fresh juices should be added to the diet. Adequate water intake is another part of skin rejuvenation. Drink enough water to keep the skin fresh. Regular exercise is another way to keep the skin healthy along with the body. Therefore, eating fresh fruits regularly, exercising and drinking enough water are the keys to maintaining the vitality of the skin.

If you work in an AC room for a long time, you must wash your hands and use a moisturizer according to your skin type.

Our skin can be of three types. Like- Oily, Dry, Mixed. Excess oil is secreted due to overactive sebaceous glands. So choosing the right moisturizer is very important. And if the skin glands are less active then the skin becomes dry. In that case, dry skin moisturizer should be used. Combination skin needs a normal moisturizer.

If your skin is saggy, don't use a scrub-like face wash and don't rub the skin too much.

Even in winter, the skin must be protected from the sun's ultra-violet rays. Therefore, according to the skin type, the right amount of sunscreen cream or lotion should be used regularly every 2/3 hours on the face or exposed parts of the body. Must be of good company where SPF ensures correct levels. Regular skin cleansing, moisturizing, toning along with proper diet and regular exercise are the keys to skin vitality.

Author: Skin, Hair, Anti-Aging Specialist, Laser & Cosmetic Surgeon, Totisel Health & Research, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

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