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Eating eggs will give you complete nutrition

Eating eggs will give you complete nutrition.

Eggs are said to be reliable food companions. Not only because the price is cheap, but also because the food is simple and delicious. Because of this, almost everyone's favorite food is eggs. But do you know how to get the full nutritional value of eggs?

Eating eggs will give you complete nutrition

Francesca Gentel, a student at War Forest University in North Carolina, USA, said in an article published on the food website 'Spoon University' that the nutritional value of eggs can be fully obtained by eating eggs in five ways. He ranked the five most common ways to eat eggs by nutritional value.

Raw: Boiling or cooking eggs with heat can reduce the nutrients in the yolk, so if you are able to digest it, you can eat eggs raw. It will make you stronger. However, be careful about salmonella bacteria when eating raw eggs. Infections from eating salmonella-contaminated eggs can range from sudden vomiting, abdominal pain to typhoid. Salmonella causes food poisoning. After the chicken lays the eggs, if they are left in a dirty place, in poultry droppings, the bacteria called Salmonella can get into the eggs. However, not all eggs contain salmonella. Only eggs laid in unclean places can contain this germ.

Poach: Egg poach is low in fat and low in calories compared to frying or baking. Because egg poaching requires less heat and less oil. You can eat eggs like this to get healthy and second best nutrition.

Boiled: Boiling eggs is not only the fastest and easiest way to prepare a meal, but also one of the healthiest. Keep the yolk raw when cooking eggs to preserve the nutrients.

Scramble: Use water instead of milk when making egg scramble. This method maintains the same amount of fat, cholesterol and calories as a boiled egg. If you want to cut more calories, skip the yolk and use only the egg whites.

Frying: Frying eggs requires a lot of heat, which affects the chemical composition of the egg and reduces its nutritional value. Fry eggs in a non-stick pan for nutritional benefits or fry them in coconut oil to add healthy fats to the body.

Source: Business Insider

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