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3 important things for a successful marriage

3 important things for a successful marriage

Eliot Poland is one of New York's most famous divorce lawyers. His experience in this profession is more than 50 years. Due to their long experience, he knows how to make or break relationships.

3 important things for a successful marriage

Here are the 3 important things for a successful marriage

In light of his experience, this lawyer told the US news portal Insider that some things must be taken care of to keep the marital relationship intact. 

* Setting boundaries with in-laws and other family members: Poland says family members' insights can be useful in understanding things about a person that their partner doesn't. But here it is important to ensure that it is not taken too far.

"Many clients come to me and complain that their in-laws are ruining their married life," she said. It is up to the couple to ultimately decide what their family members' boundaries should be.

Poland also said, 'I don't know any magic formula in this case. Because every situation is different.'

* Maintaining a loving physical relationship: This matter is very important for a married couple. He said, of course, physical relationship is one of the most important. Even in older couples where this matter becomes less important, deep hugs are very important to keep the relationship intact.

* Choose a partner with whom you have a lot in common: Although the opposite sex is very interested in you, I think it is necessary to have some commonalities, which will help maintain the relationship later on, says Poland. If there are no common similarities, then there is a possibility of arguments about the differences. Sometimes it forces the end of the relationship. 

So find a life partner with whom your beliefs and values ​​match. Which will give your relationship a solid foundation.

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