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The secret diseases of women you mus know - TXSCWZ

It is important to know about the secret diseases of women.

Vaginitis is a disease of women's private parts. In this problem, there is inflammation, itching, pain or change in the amount and smell of the discharge in the vagina.

The secret diseases of women you mus know - TXSCWZ

However, these symptoms can occur for other reasons as well. For example: bacterial infections, fungal infections, sexually transmitted infections trichomoniasis, chlamydia and gonorrhea, psoriasis, eczema, effects of detergents or soaps and sexual activity. Therefore, it is a little difficult to identify the actual problem considering the vaginal symptoms.

Women of almost all ages can get vaginitisThe good news is that most vaginitis gets better without treatment. If you often suffer from this disease, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

If you have vaginitis to use something private?

If there is not much pain, then as a first step - give the vagina a chance to heal on its own. Do not use soap or shower gel, as the private parts may become more sensitive. In fact, the outer part of the vagina (vulvar area) is very sensitive.

Do not use in the shower. According to doctors, douching increases the risk of vaginitis or exacerbates an existing problem. People who douche are more prone to genital infections because the bacteria that keep the vaginal environment normal are reduced.

Many women use over-the-counter OTC yeast infection medications to relieve soreness when they have vaginitis. Unjali Malhotra, a women's health specialist in Vancouver, Canada, said, "Many people think that it is a yeast infection after seeing the itching and abnormal discharge of the private parts." Self-treatment is okay for the first time. But see a doctor if symptoms persist or return, as it could be something more serious than a yeast infection. If the said vaginal tissue does not heal, the tendency of infection increases easily.

Only a doctor can identify the true cause of vaginitis. He performs vaginal and vulvar examinations. He may observe redness or abnormal changes in the private parts. He may take a vaginal culture to identify the cause of vaginitis (such as bacterial overgrowth or a sexually transmitted parasite called trichomoniasis).

Once the source of vaginitis is identified, it can be easily treated. Usually, simply cleaning the vagina with water will cure the problem. You can also mix Epsom salt in water. However, if the symptoms are delayed, a doctor should be consulted. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics for bacterial infections, steroid creams for skin conditions like eczema, or antifungal medications for fungal overgrowth.

Source: Best Health

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