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The best Exercise does not spread cancer - TXSCWZ

The best Exercise does not spread cancer .

If cancer is not treated, it spreads from one place to another. A recent study has shown promising results in preventing the spread of cancer.

The best Exercise does not spread cancer - TXSCWZ

A study conducted by Israeli researchers and published in Cancer Research suggests that a form of aerobic exercise can prevent metastatic cancer. When cancer cells spread to other parts of the body, it is called metastatic cancer. For many cancers, metastatic cancer is also called stage four cancer.

Biochemists at the University of Tel Aviv analyzed 20 years of data on 2,700 Israeli men and women aged 25 to 64. The researchers found that people who did regular high-intensity aerobic exercise (eg, running, fitness dancing, swimming, cycling at 10 miles per hour or more, jumping rope) had less cancer.

Normally cancerous cells consume glucose/sugars to gain energy to spread to other places. So reducing sugar from the body reduces the risk of spreading cancer. Exercise depletes the body of carbohydrates for energy, leaving the tumor with less energy to spread.

Dr. one of the members of the research team. "Exercise can prevent cancer from developing, growing and spreading," McClain said. Exercise causes cancerous cells to compete with healthy cells for the energy and nutrients they need to survive.'

According to the researchers, 'any exercise that produces 90 percent to 100 percent maximum heart rate can be considered high intensity exercise.' You can do 20-30 minutes of high intensity aerobic exercise every day, depending on your age, health and fitness.

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