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Best Men's food before intercourse.

Cohabitation during the prime of life can be said to be the foundation of marital happiness. Meanwhile, the couple expects good performance from each other. Especially if the performance of men is not enough, women can get involved in alienation. It may even lead to divorce. Today i will show the Best Men's food before intercourse .

Best Men's food before intercourse

The good news is, some foods can improve a man's performance in bed. Here are some foods that you can benefit from eating before intercourse.

* Chia seeds are powerhouses of energy. There are other nutrientsThis food helps in maintaining stamina. You can eat energizing chia seeds before intercourse.

* Green tea also increases energy levels. The same applies to black tea. You can drink green tea or black tea before intercourse.

* Vitamin C helps in the production of male hormones, which increase sex drive. It also increases sperm count and motility. So you can consider eating foods rich in vitamin C before intercourse.

* Apples reduce bad breath and remove food particles from between teeth. Oral health is also important for a pleasant intercourse experience. Bad breath during intercourse can have a negative effect on sex. So you can eat an apple before intercourse.

* Certain seafoods increase libido, such as crabs and shrimps. These foods also increase serotonin in the brain, which can prepare the mood for sex. After eating seafood, you can eat an apple to remove the bad smell of these foods.

* You can mix lemon juice in ginger drink and drink it before intercourse. Studies have shown that ginger-lemon drink can increase blood flow in the body, especially in the penile region. Ginger can also increase sex drive.

* Vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 in eggs restore the hormonal balance in the body. One of the reasons why men suffer from erectile dysfunction is the imbalance of certain hormones, such as testosterone. So you can eat eggs before intercourse.

* It is recommended to eat spinach before sexual intercourse. This food can stimulate sexual intercourse by increasing blood flow to the private parts. Eating spinach before intercourse will increase the pleasant feeling.

Source: India Times

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