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Top 10 mistakes in cleaning the face - TXSCWZ

Cleaning the face in the wrong way does not give the desired results, and the skin is damaged. Here are 10 mistakes in cleaning the face.

Top 10 mistakes in cleaning the face - TXSCWZ

1. Use of wrong temperature water: Using too hot water for washing the face can dry the skin. Again, using too cold water does not open the pores of the skin, so the skin is not clean. According to skin experts, turmeric warm water is the most useful face wash. The health of the skin is maintained if water is used for washing the face which is neither too hot nor too cold.

2. Frequent face washing: Those with dry skin should wash their face once a day and those with oily skin should wash it twice a day. Cleansing more often than that can make your skin drier or more oily. Moreover, it works better if you take care of your facial skin at night than in the morning. Because cleaning the skin at night removes the dust and dirt of the whole day from the skin. According to skin experts, not only the sun's heat and UV rays damage the skin, but dust and dirt throughout the day can leave the skin with signs of aging early.

3. Frequent scrubbing: There is no substitute for scrubbing to keep the facial skin clean and healthy. Scrubbing removes dead skin cells and makes the skin brighter. But daily scrubbing is harmful for the skin. Moreover, excessive scrubbing is responsible for skin inflammation. Scrub once a week.

4. Soft towels or cloths: Use soft towels to wipe your face or apply any cosmetics to the skin. Because if you wipe with something rough, the skin of the face becomes damaged. The sweetness of the skin is lost. So always use a soft towel after washing your face.

5. Use of facial tissue: Relying on facial tissue for daily skin cleansing is harmful to the skin. Facial tissue doesn't clean the skin that way but the chemicals in it cause serious damage to the skin. So if you don't have anything at hand to clean your face, use facial tissue for emergencies, not regularly.

6. Use of soapy cleansers: Using soapy cleansers wash away the natural oils present in the skin, dry the skin and cause skin inflammation. Soapless cleanser moisturizes the skin and keeps the skin healthy. So read the label before buying any Knizzer.

7. Improper application of cleanser on the face: Take the cleanser in hand and gently massage the face in circular motions to clean the face effectively. By doing this, the blood circulation in the skin will increase and the skin dirt will be cleaned quickly.

8. Vigorous face scrubbing: Excessive scrubbing to clean the face can damage the skin. Gently cleanse the skin.

9, Wipe the face dry: If you wipe your face dry with a towel or cloth, the proteins and fatty acids that protect the skin from irritation are removed, so the skin is easily exposed to germs or dirt. So wipe your face wet.

10. Wait to apply moisturizer: If you need to apply any cream or lotion on your face, apply it immediately after washing your face. Because the skin is most clean and moist after washing the face.

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