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Easy ways to prevent chapped lips - TXSCWZ

Winter means skin problems. Everyone's lips become dry, especially in the cold dry air of winter. Dry and chapped lips not only get in the way of a vibrant smile, but dry lips can also be painful—especially if the lips are cracked and bleeding. So extra lip care is essential. If you are a little aware in advance, you can easily prevent this problem of chapped lips in winter.

Easy ways to prevent chapped lips - TXSCWZ

Many people use chapstick and lip balm to prevent chapped lips. These ingredients may provide temporary relief, but they are not a long-term solution. As an alternative to lip balm or chapstick, you can prevent chapped lips naturally. Find out some such ways.

* Coconut oil has been used for a long time to prevent chapped lips. It is rich in fatty acids, which relieve the dryness of lips. You can apply coconut oil regularly to prevent chapped lips.

* You can apply aloe vera juice on your lips to get rid of dry lips. Aloe vera is very readily available. This plant can be planted in the roof tub of the house.

* Apply a drop of ghee on the lips. It will help to reduce dryness and keep lips soft.

* Olive oil is known as a natural moisturizer. The fatty acids it contains can prevent skin dryness and chapped lips. Applying olive oil on the lips twice a day will make the lips soft and smooth.

* Take fresh rose petals and dip them in raw milk for a while. Then apply it on the lips at least thrice throughout the day. Lips will be soft and smooth. Applying rose petals, milk juice, or butter on the lips for 10 to 15 minutes every day will remove the blackness.

* Drinking water is good for health. But did you know, drinking enough water will also help keep your lips soft? Sometimes dehydration can lead to the problem of 'dark lips'. So drink enough water. This will keep the skin of the lips moist.

* Eat enough fruits and vegetables to keep lips healthy. It will keep the lips moist. At this time, eat more fruits containing vitamin C, lemon, grapefruit, and orange.

* No matter how much lip balm and mask you apply, if there is a layer of dead cells on the lips, then the balm or mask will not be able to penetrate deep into the lips. In order for the lip balm to do its job properly, it is important to exfoliate the lips regularly. You can use a store-bought lip scrub or make a homemade scrub by mixing olive oil and sugar. Gently scrub your lips with this mixture occasionally. Sugar acts as a scrubber and removes dead cells from the lips making the lips soft.

* Many wet their rough lips with their tongue every now and then. But this easy way to instantly soften rough lips is actually the root cause of chapped lips. If the lips get wet after giving the tongue repeatedly, the lips will become more cracked and the skin will come off, and blood may also fall. So, if you want to keep your lips soft, avoid this habit.

* Girls use different types of cosmetics. If you do not use good cosmetics for the skin of the lips, then the lips become dry and cracked. So use a good brand of cosmetics. Be especially careful when using lipstick. They should not be too dry or matte.

* Even if the skin on the lips is raised, never pull or cut them with your teeth. This can increase the problem of chapped lips.

Source: Times of India, Healthline

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