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What are the reason for the small pockets of boys' shirts and t-shirts.

You will be surprised to know the reason for the small pockets of boys' shirts and t-shirts.

A shirt or T-shirt is one of the favorite clothes of boys. Usually, boys wear shirts as formal. But many choose T-shirts as a style for a casual outfit. Boys' shirts have pockets, but girls don't.

But have you ever wondered why only boys' shirts or t-shirts have pockets? Have you ever wanted to know what interesting history is hidden behind it? You may be surprised to hear the real reason!

What are the reason for the small pockets of boys' shirts and t-shirts.

About the pocket

The word pocket is derived from the French word 'poque', which means bag. The type of pocket we are used to seeing today was quite different until the 19th century. At that time, small bags were added to the clothes, which were used only for special purposes by the people of that time. But slowly it started to change.

There are various pockets

Various types of pockets can be seen in today's clothes. In this shirt, kurta, and Punjabi also have pockets. There are pockets in a variety of pants, even trousers. The jeans also have a small pocket on the right above a large pocket.

But there are special reasons why such pockets exist. Many people may think that there are small pockets to keep loose change, but not at all. Actually, this small pocket was given to keep watch. But once pocket watches fell out of fashion, pockets remained a style.

Why, since when are pockets in vogue?

Boys' shirts have chest pockets, which girls' shirts do not. This also has different reasons. But in the early days, even boys' shirts did not have pockets. The next pocket is added. And its history is about 500 years old. It was a small bag. But due to style and modernization in the 1950s-60s, pockets started to be added to shirts.

Because from that time, the trend of wearing waistcoats started to decrease and people started wearing t-shirts as outerwear. And so shirts began to have book pockets so that men could store multiple small essentials.

Then, for the same reason, in recent years, T-shirts are also being added with pockets. But wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing, with or without pockets. Always focus on your style and comfort.

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