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Best & easy crack climbing technique

Winter is coming. One of the problems of winter is cracked heels. If you don't want to fall into this irony, you have to take extra care of your feet from the beginning of winter. Today i will show Best & easy crack climbing technique .

Best & easy crack climbing technique

Follow these rules and feet will not crack:

* Always keep feet clean. Dust is the biggest enemy of the feet. Therefore, after returning from outside, washing the feet cannot be delayed. Also avoid using alkaline soaps on your feet. Apply foot cream or moisturizer while feet are wet. Do not use petroleum jelly during the day. Because there is more risk of dust blocking.

* Scrub cracked ankles with a scrubber while taking a shower or before going to bed at night. It will shed the dead cells of the feet. Then apply petroleum jelly.

* Or make a mixture of glycerine and rose water instead of petroleum jelly and apply it regularly on the heels. This will completely avoid the problem of cracked feet in winter.

* Extra hot water makes the skin more dry. Use lukewarm water to bathe or clean your feet. It is also not good to immerse your feet in water for a long time.

* Do not wear shoes without socks. Running around all day puts pressure on the ankle and causes ankle damage. The amount of damage is greatly reduced by wearing socks.

* Even if the sole of the shoe is strong, the feet may crack. For this, always try to wear comfortable shoes for your feet. In winter it is better to wear closed shoes.

* You can wear cotton socks and apply moisturizer on your feet while sleeping at night. It will protect the moisture of the skin.

* The problem of cracked feet is seen only when the skin becomes dry. Keep winter vegetables and fruits in the diet to nourish the skin. Also drink enough water.

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